Southern Nevada Chapter NECA

Preferred provider of electrical technology in Southern Nevada


Membership in our association is only available to a "person, firm or corporation engaged in the business of 'electrical contracting' ... defined as the business of erecting, installing, repairing, servicing or maintaining electrical wiring, devices or equipment."

What is NECA?

The National Electrical Contractors Association, founded in 1901, is a national trade association with affiliated chapters. NECA represents, promotes and advances the interests of the electrical contracting industry, of all its branches, and of the public it serves. The members are companies, divisions, departments, sectors, groups and subdivisions whose principal function is electrical contracting.

NECA is composed of a National Headquarters, 4 Regional Offices, 10 Districts, a Field Service Staff and 128 Chapters (including international). NECA policy is set by its members who act through a Board of Governors. The Board of Governors consists of an elected member from each chapter, the Association President, a Vice President from each District and a Vice President at Large.

Policies and programs established by the Board of Governors are carried out by the Executive Committee through the NECA Officers and Staff.

Members who serve on various committees advise the association of programs and activities that should be considered and pursued.

The various services and programs available though the national association and the Field Service are implemented by the local chapters.

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Northern Nevada / Reno [Local 401] is handled by The Greater Sacramento Chapter