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Southern Nevada Chapter NECA

Preferred provider of electrical technology in Southern Nevada


National Electrical Installation Standard

NEIS National Electrical Installation StandardsThe National Electrical Code dictates the type of electrical materials and devices that must be used in order to assure the safe operation of electrical systems. Although the subjective guideline that “materials shall be installed in a neat and workmanlike manner” appears several times in the Code, how those materials are to be installed is never specified. In other words, an installation of superior quality and another that is just barely adequate can both “meet code.”

This lack of benchmarks for determining quality led NECA to obtain certification from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a standards-developing organization. (Unlike in other nations where government agencies issue most or all of the standards that regulate safety and commerce, the great majority of standards used in this country are written by industry trade associations and technical societies. ANSI coordinates and manages the U.S. voluntary standards system by providing an approval process which guarantees that all documents approved as ANSI standards represent a broad consensus of affected interests.) With this certification in hand, NECA has been busy spearheading the development of quality standards for electrical construction and voice-data-video installations since 1997.

Organized as a series of installation manuals for electrical products and systems, the National Electrical Installation Standards™ are primarily intended to be referenced by consulting engineers in bid documents and specifications. To find out more, visit the special website at http://www.NECA-NEIS.org.