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Southern Nevada Chapter NECA

Preferred provider of electrical technology in Southern Nevada

Standing Committees:

Board of Directors:

  • Patrick Armour, President
  • Ken Kefalas, Vice President
  • Donald V. Campbell, Secretary
  • Matthew Dustin, Treasurer
  • Roy Pross, Director

  • Kenneth Whipple, Director

  • Troy Nelson, Director

  • Hank Raats, Director

Pension Trust/Health & Welfare Trust:

  • Donald V. Campbell, Co-Chair
  • Brian Pool
  • Hank Raats
  • Matt Lisowski

Apprenticeship Trust:

  • Dennis Nelson, Trustee
  • Bob Lisowski, Trustee
  • Donald V. Campbell, Trustee
  • Ken Kefalas, Trustee

Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees:

Inside Construction:

  • Bob Lisowski, Chair
  • Dennis Nelson
  • Donald V. Campbell
  • Ken Kefalas

Sound & Communications:

  • Pat Armour, Chair
  • Roy Pross
  • Michael Valencia

Southern Nevada IBEW-NECA-LMCC:

  • Donald V. Campbell
  • Roy Pross
  • Ledger Cantley 
  • Brady Stevens

Safety Committee:

  • Tori Kolinski
  • Dave Warnock
  • Donna Young

Appeals Committee:

  • Donald V. Campbell